undefinedMany businesses do not believe that a loss will ever happen to them. This really is a foolish remark. Bad things happen to good people every single day.

Don’t believe us?

  • Unverified research suggests that every year around 1 in 500 businesses will experience a severe disaster. Let us assume this is exaggerated and it really 1 in 5,000. That is still a lot of businesses failing that could and should have been saved.
  • 50% of businesses that experiencing a major disruption failed within 2 years[1].

Those that do not have full business interruption insurance have a far less chance of surviving. You have invested a great deal in the business. Protect your investment, ask your insurance adviser about Business Interruption Insurance and use this site to get it right!

Will it be your business next which has a disruption? While this may sound trite, the research shows[2] the thing that business managers and owners who see their business potentially ruined by a sudden event have in common is that they never thought it would happen to them. Due in part to the “It’ll never happen to me” attitude, over 90% for businesses examined in Dr Manning’s doctoral research, who did not have business interruption insurance failed within two years, some as quick as 2 weeks after the fire.

 It is a simple fact that few businesses can afford the loss of earnings that accompany a physical loss to the premises resulting in damaged or destroyed stock and or equipment.


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